Welcome to the online home of our little dream, mangahole.com!

A small boutique specializing in Manga, Art Toys, Exotic Snacks and MORE!!!



If your here you probably already know what manga is! Just incase you... 

Exotic Snacks

Exotic Snacks

A little variety of exotic snacks!  Chips, soda, candies, cookies and blind... 

The convenience of being able to buy whole series of manga and other rare hard to find items.

Affordable price from $10 to $1000 for most of our products.

Convenient shopping and delivery right to your door

About Us

Like a phoenix… Manga Hole was born from the ashes of the pandemic! Just kidding, kinda… That’s way too corny!

Seriously though, the restaurant industry, just like so many was hit really hard during the pandemic and we were eventually let go from our jobs. And although it felt unfortunate and scary at the time, instead of staying in our small New York town and looking for employment, we decided to take a chance on life and our little dream!

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