About Us

The convenience of being able to buy whole series of manga and other rare hard to find items.

Affordable price from $10 to $1000 for most of our products.

Convenient shopping and delivery right to your door

About Us

Manga Hole is a small brick and mortar boutique located in the heart of Chinatown, Las Vegas.

Dreamed up by a small nerdy family of fans, both young and old! Manga Hole started from a simple wish of having a physical space dedicated specifically to manga, art toys and other related items. A space that wasn’t online, at a big box store or a small section at a local comic shop!  A space that was dedicated to the things that we love, to grow and to share with others who like us, just want to read a little manga!

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Our Story

Like a phoenix… Manga Hole was born from the ashes of the pandemic! Just kidding, kinda… That’s way too corny!

Seriously though, the restaurant industry, just like so many was hit really hard during the pandemic and we were eventually let go from our jobs. And although it felt unfortunate and scary at the time, instead of staying in our small New York town and looking for employment, we decided to take a chance on life and our little dream!

After making our decision and telling our tale, we were invited to Las Vegas by a small group of super supportive friends! (Huge shout out to Oh It’s Teddy, Alex, Dirty Ern and Bran Flakes… Ya’ll are the true GOAT’s)! While on our short trip we fell in love with the Shanghai Plaza where Manga Hole currently lives! Long story long, we wen’t back home, sold our house and moved our family across the country!

Almost a year later, the love and support we have received from our local community and those visiting is overwhelming! We are so happy to be able to share in our love of manga, anime, art toys and more with everyone who walks through our doors! Our little manga family is growing as we were able to hire on an amazing little team and launch the website your reading this on!

Our only hope is grow with our local community and now here with you, who may have been lucky enough to have visited with us in the past!

Here’s to new beginnings!

With love and gratitude!
Amber, Brendan and family