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Her Majesty's Swarm Vol. 2 (Light Novel)

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After a swift campaign, Grevillea and the Arachnea manage to conquer the Kingdom of Maluk, the great power of the north. Now, they prepare for the next war. Their eyes are on the Dukedom of Schtraut, a country of merchants northeast of their territory. Conquering it will provide a shortcut to subjugating the other nations.

Accompanied by an elite squad of her strongest units, Grevillea sneaks into the Dukedom, where she hopes to gather information on the country's topography, defenses, and culture. Her group establishes itself as members of the local Adventurers' Guild and begin hunting monsters to complete the guild's quests. While the group works to form connections, Grevillea secretly prepares to bare the Arachnea's fangs against the Dukedom...