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No Guns Life, Vol. 12

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After the war, cyborg soldiers known as the Extended were discharged. Juzo Inui is one of them, a man whose body was transformed, his head replaced with a giant gun. With no memory of his previous life--or who replaced his head and why--Inui now scratches out a living in the dark streets of the city as a Resolver, taking on cases involving the Extended. Io, one of Tetsuro's siblings, has risen in revolt against Chief Operations Officer Honest, who has seized control of Berèuhren. Juzo, Mary, and Testuro have entered the corporate stronghold to stop Io and rescue Rinko, and now face an army of Extended security guards slaved to Io's Harmony device. If the guards can be dealt with, Juzo will still have to take on Io--but the physical confrontation may not be as devastating as the real reason Berèuhren wants to get its hands on Juzo's parallel sub-brain...