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Manufacturer: Ablaze
U.S. Release Date: June 07, 2022

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Si-Woon goes to the rescue of his friend Sae-Hee, kidnapped by Chang-Ho's gang, the high school bully boss. Will Si-Woo be able to contain his strength and his newly acquired powers, in front of opponents who, although violent, are merely human? And he is unaware that at the same time, So-Chun Hyuk, heir to the Chun-Do clan, witnesses the scene and discovers the true talents of the young man...


With the arrival of So-Chun, the story enters a new chapter, much more intense, especially for young hero Si-Woon, overwhelmed by the events, caught up in the Murim universe which discovers his potential. A new world of dangers opposes him, and the young high school student will have to start fighting on his own, in front of enemies of a whole different caliber! He may be entering a spiral of violence in which he may never come out.


A true bestseller in South Korea and already translated into many languages, Keuk-Jin Jeon and Jin-Hwan Park's fighting manhwa has been praised for its sensational action as well as its captivating storyline, with many charismatic characters and stylish martial arts techniques that will keep you glued to the page, wanting more!

Manufacturer: Ablaze
U.S. Release Date: June 07, 2022